Team Design Bootcamp



  • Experienced executives that want to gain new skills from leading companies
  • Emerging leaders that want to maximize their team's engagement and output
  • HR partners that want to level-up all the leaders in their organization
  • Learning-obsessed team designers that want to add to their toolkit

In every organization, teams are where the work gets executed. And as organizations struggle to respond to the increasing pace of culture and competition, teaming–the ability to assemble, align, and operate teams–is becoming an even more crucial competitive advantage. In our 1.5-day Bootcamp, our Team Designers at NOBL will equip you with everything you need to know to form and lead a high performing team. Moreover, you'll gain inspiration and concrete new ways of working from organizations like Amazon, Medium, Warby Parker, Etsy, Facebook, and Apple.

Participants will leave the Bootcamp with an understanding of how teams are changing, a library of new ways of working, a draft Team Handbook, and a plan to enact change when they return to the office.


In our Bootcamps, we skip the theory and provide practical skills in forming, aligning, operating, and measuring high performing teams. Our goal is to turn you loose to have an immediate and measurable impact on your team. Here's how your day-and-a-half will be broken down:


Teams today must be able to respond faster and more effectively to changing customer, cultural, and competitive demands. In this section, we'll take an analytical look at the forces behind these changes, how these changes have impacted teams, and how high performing teams from the most responsive organizations manage to keep pace. Day One starts at 10am.


There are five essential elements to any team (pictured above). High performing teams have designed faster and more effective ways of addressing each element–so in this section we'll share their simple and agile alternatives to the standard PowerPoint documents, Gantt charts, and org charts used by most legacy teams. Day One ends at 5pm (there will be a one-hour break for lunch).


On our last half-day, we'll provide a Team Handbook template (influenced by companies like Valve, Netflix, and Hubspot) and we'll guide you through the process of completing your first draft, show you how to make it stick with your team, and demonstrate the process of making ongoing changes as a team in the future. Lastly, we'll cover the basic checklist of any change management process to help you make faster and more effective changes to your team based on what you've learned and want to try from the Bootcamp. Day Two starts at 10am and ends at 2pm.


Bud Caddell, Founder

Bud Caddell is the Founder of NOBL and has been focused on systems design for over 15 years. Bud was undeniably born a nerd and by the time he was 10 was developing software, and at 17 was the lead engineer at a Venture-backed startup. 

His career path ultimately led him to management consulting and digital strategy. Bud went on to be named "one of the most creative people under 30" by Business Insider. AdWeek listed Bud among the top 50 industry professionals of 2012, and The Guardian named him as one of ten digital strategists to watch in 2012. Prior to NOBL Collective, Bud was a partner at the management and strategic consultancy, Undercurrent, heading its Los Angeles office. He also served as SVP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Deutsch LA. 


Bree Groff, Managing Director NYC

Bree Groff started her career in education, helping schools become places where students are empowered to share their best selves and best work with the world; where learning is personal, essential, and best done with others in pursuit of wildly ambitious goals.

Now, Bree does the same for Fortune 500 companies as the Managing Director of NOBL’s NYC practice. Previously, Bree was the Director of Innovation at Flint Hill, a Senior Service Designer at Peer Insight, and a psychology researcher at eHarmony and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, exploring communication and decision making. She holds a BA in Psychology and Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MS in Organizational Learning and Change from Northwestern University. 


We don't take your time or monetary commitment lightly. Teams that we've worked with have experienced a double-digit lift in engagement in less than 30 days, a 27% boost in productivity within 90 days, and have discovered more than $15MM in new revenue opportunities. Moreover, after our engagements, clients have reported sharing information more transparently, aligning their goals more frequently, developing more effective shared learnings, confronting difficult conversations more candidly, and working more effectively together. 

Dates & Locations

October 4-5

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San Francisco
October 11-12

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Los Angeles
October 25-26

If you don't see your city, or if you're interested in a private bootcamp for your company, drop us a line.

Cancellation Policy: Life happens. Plans change. Give us a heads-up at least five days before the class and we'll refund your purchase.

Don't wait! Ticket sales will close one week prior to that city's bootcamp.

"What we spent years talking about, we were able to accomplish in one week thanks to NOBL."
Tressie Lieberman
VP of Digital Innovation at Taco Bell
“NOBL helped us gain way more of a group awareness of what it might mean to get closer to our customer.”
Carol Mahoney
VP of People at Zoosk
“NOBL was really effective at bringing together the Reddit leadership team to align on mission, values, and priorities. The NOBL team spent time to understand the Reddit culture and facilitated in a way that led to tangible outcomes we are using day-to-day at the company.”
Joel Meek
VP of Operations at Reddit, Inc.
“NOBL are pioneers at developing agile cultures.”
Hyper Island
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