Why Asana's No Meeting Wednesdays Increase Productivity

The team at Asana was struggling to find uninterrupted time to work, free from the distraction of frequent meetings. Inspired by Facebook's meeting policy, they implemented No-Meeting Wednesdays (NMW) to take back their productivity:

Having one day focused on flow time is a simple and effective way to get teammates energized, get heads down in the work they need to or want to do, and feel that at least one day in every week, their day isn’t schedule-driven.

Asana’s “No-Meeting Wednesdays” have several advantages:

  • More checks on the to-do list. NMW allows employees to execute their tasks from start to finish, without a meeting disrupting their momentum.
  • More autonomy for all. Leadership gets a break from managing others, and can be creators again.
  • More momentum. Team members are re-energized in the middle of their week, feeling positive about their accomplishments.

Takeaway: Designating time for production is critical. Setting aside time specifically to work can make your team more effective and boost morale.


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