How Three Tech Companies Are Teaching Employees How to Deal with Stress

Research has shown the dangers of stress at work: it increases the odds of getting a disease by 35%, while long hours can increase mortality rates by 20%. Fortunately, organizations are taking this seriously by launching innovative stress management solutions:

  • Appster has an online board for employees to vent. Appster has a “weekly vent report,” an online board where employees can anonymously and publicly post complaints and concerns. In addition, their offices hold monthly town hall meetings where employees can openly raise issues on the weekly vent reports and leaders can address them. Co-founder Mark McDonald says, “The cheapest, most effective way to help stress is simply listening to staff.”
  • Lantern offers personalized stress management coaching. They pair mobile stress reduction practices (like deep breathing or muscle relaxation exercises) with one-on-one stress management coaches. Coaches personalize the experience by recommending specific exercises to users based on the individual’s needs.
  • Google teaches their employees mindfulness. They offer specific stress reduction classes to employees, such as Meditation 101, Search Inside Yourself and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. They also created an online and in-person community called gPause to help support and encourage meditation practice.

Takeaway: Employees who manage their stress well perform significantly better and stay at their jobs longer, so consider adding stress management solutions as an employee benefit.


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