How Lyft’s Culture Made Hypergrowth Possible

How Lyft’s Culture Made Hypergrowth Possible

On-demand car service Lyft scaled from one city in 2007 to 100 cities today; a pace that would challenge the resilience of any company's culture. But Lyft's focus on its four core values—Make It Happen, Uplift Others, Create Fearlessly, and Be Yourself—helped them consciously design their culture. These values proved especially critical when reshaping the hiring and recruiting process, which included:

  • More robust referral programs. Lyft found that the best way to preserve company values was to bring liked-minded people onboard. As the company grew, Lyft hired three new recruiters for business, operations, and technology, as well as one coordinator, who were responsible for ramping up referrals and weaning off of outside agency recruits and contractors.
  • Better hiring criteria. While being an avid user was one of the early criteria for hiring, Lyft soon realized that candidates (as well as existing team members) needed to be evaluated for their technical skills, domain expertise, and cultural fit. While this meant that some team members had to exit, the resulting team was better equipped to grow.
  • Upgraded HR software. Lyft inherited Applicant Tracking System, which didn’t support data-driven recruiting. To add insult to injury, Lyft had no Human Resource Management System. To select a system that would better serve their team, they looked for products that were candidate-centric, nimble, intuitive for hiring managers, rich in analytics, and able to loop partners into dialogues.

Takeaway: Review your core company values and reinvigorate the hiring process to attract and retain the talent that will carry the company through periods of hypergrowth.


Image courtesy of Lyft

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