How B. Good Retains Its Best Employees

Fast-casual restaurant chain b. good was founded 12 years ago with a simple mission to serve their community high quality food quickly, and to create an environment where employees wanted to come to work everyday. As part of the company's employee retention strategy, co-founder Jon Olinto made it his mission to treat his team of 500 employees well with three principles:

    1. Higher than average pay. All employees are given a starting hourly wage above the industry standard, and all general and district managers receive stock grants.
    2. Put employees first. When b. good launched their new ordering app, employees were thrilled to see the landing pages of each location featured pictures of them, and not the food.
    3. Give employees autonomy to do good. Employees have the freedom to give random free smoothies to any customer, or donate food to a charity partner of their choosing. They are encouraged to do right by the customer, no approvals required.

Out of the 15 original employees, a third of them are still around 12 years later, and have risen in the ranks to leadership positions.

Takeaway: Although these benefits may not be “disruptive” or revolutionary, they are small gestures that add up to satisfied employees who stick around longer. Look for simple ways that you can show your employees that you value their contributions.


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