How KPMG Reframed Its Mission and Increased Engagement

Almost half of today’s workforce would take a 15% pay cut to work for an organization with an inspiring purpose. Meaningful work is no longer considered a perk—and that's putting pressure on big and small companies alike to revisit their mission, vision, and values, and apply these statements to how teams work on a daily basis. Big Four accounting firm KPMG recently launched an initiative to reframe their company mission and boost employee engagement, which has become a benchmark for successful employee engagement projects. Their efforts contributed to one of the firm's best financial years in recent memory, and KPMG surged 17 spots on Fortune’s annual "100 Best Companies to Work For" list. If your company's vision is in need of a refresh, try these three steps.

How To Use Company Mission, Vision, and Values to Boost Employee Engagement

  1. Articulate a higher purpose. To start, the accounting firm looked outward for inspiration. After conducting exhaustive external research and hundreds of interviews, KPMG landed on a new purpose statement: "Inspire Confidence. Empower Change."
  2. Celebrate and remind employees of past wins. KPMG wanted employees to feel a connection to this new purpose statement, so they asked people one question: “What do you do at KPMG?” After collecting the responses, the company created a video to encapsulate the overarching insight that this Big Four accounting firm shapes history. Additionally, KPMG encouraged managers to use the mission statement to reframe job titles to better reflect the company.
  3. Collect and share stories from employees. From interns to Chairman, KPMG challenged employees to share 10,000 personal anecdotes of how their work makes a difference. Employees were promised 2 extra paid vacation days if the organization met its goal by Thanksgiving, but teams went above and beyond, submitting 42,000 stories by July 4th of that year.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to ask employees what they think, how they find meaning in work, and what success stories they’re sitting on. Employees can be your best source of information and inspiration when reinvigorating an organization’s mission, vision, and values.


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