Develop a Consistent Meeting Rhythm with Your Team

Meetings are often considered a necessary evil. They tend to be less productive than intended, and they can throw a wrench into your workflow. The key to successful meetings is to develop a rhythm to your meeting schedule so you can leave each session having accomplished your objectives.

Develop a Meeting Schedule

  1. Check-in daily with your team. Hold brief (think 10 minutes) check-ins with your entire team to informally answer quick questions. These check-ins will save time during more formal meetings, since your employees won’t have to wait all week to bring up their minor roadblocks.
  2. Hold weekly action meetingsHave each team member come prepared to share their top priority for the week. These meetings serve to inform everyone of the status of open projects. 25 - 45 minutes is the productivity sweet spot for this type of meeting.
  3. Gather for monthly RetrospectivesLook back as a team and discuss ways to work better, together.
  4. Bring the team together quarterly for off-site strategic reviews. This is a time to realign, look forward, and get creative. Don’t underestimate the effects a change of scenery can have to reenergize your team. Get out of the office to discuss what’s on the horizon for your company, and the strategies you will use to achieve your goals. Weekends are perfect for this type of gathering.

Takeaway: Clarifying the types of meetings you hold with your team, as well as their schedule, will help keep the meetings you do have focused and effective.

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